Keep a watch on BRM

By Robert Ross


Cars are a part of our DNA here at RossMadrid, so we have a deep appreciation for the automotive-inspired watches by BRM. We admire them because of their inimitable style—virtually every BRM watch has a motorsport connection.

BRM is a French manufacture whose annual production is eclipsed by Rolex in about half a day. Still, BRM has made quite a name for itself among the racing community, sponsoring team drivers and working with a number of OEMs and clubs to create bespoke, limited-edition mechanical watches and chronographs that look like nothing else. Their men’s and women’s timepieces include a range of models with optional dials, hands, and straps—affording the opportunity to make an already rare watch utterly unique. The company is committed to motorsport, and their watches reflect that passion.

We’ve had the honor of collaborating with BRM North America on a number of print ads that highlight the watchmaker’s designs, such as the Martini Racing striped steel chronograph shown here.

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